Nest Family

The Nest family by Swedish design studio Form Us With Love responds to the increasing need of furniture progressing our performance and wellbeing in contemporary public spaces.

Different levels for different situations

The series provides an alternative to the traditional lounge area, by simply adding levels. The three optional heights offer an opportunity to create dynamic settings in any environment, without compromising the level of comfort.

Soft seating

The Nest series takes its lead from the user, not the other way around. Today it is natural to change seats throughout the course of a day. Dwell-time and places for concentration, have become part of the public realm, as means of wellness and motivation.

“We analysed the activities and behaviours of public spaces, and the upholstered furniture vs. bar stool seating scenario. Instead of putting the two characteristics next to one another, we merged them.”
John Löfgren, Creative Director at Form Us With Love

Democratic design

Form Us With Love, is an international design studio founded in 2005. Its belief is that we all have a right to meaningful design. At the studio’s core lies a process that blends traditional creative practices with a lean, strategic application.

Active and social

The Low Nest Sofa is a soft and comfortable sofa that suits the needs of a large variety of public spaces. The soft curves and fluid intersection between the seat and the backrest underlines the sofa’s quality in terms of design and production, providing a distinct Nordic expression that adds a contemporary and modern feel to all kinds of spaces.

Calmness and privacy

Easy Nest is an unenclosed but somewhat secluded seat. A clean cut, high back easy chair, functioning as a comfortable and heartfelt Nest for privacy and for profound conversations. The walls humbly embrace a widened seat, leaving plenty of space for pillows or blankets. Part of the Nest Collection.


A durable collection 

With the different levels you can divide larger spaces into smaller units – without using High Back sofas and traditional room dividers: sound wanders horisontally and people can therefore sit next to each other – on different levels – without being affected by each other.

Family members

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