Introducing Levels

The intuitive sofa system Levels is Form Us With Love’s response to +Halle’s brief on dwelling; an answer to a break in the day, a seat for a quick lunch or a place for a short read. What began as concepts and ideas of a seating landscape, where a natural pause can be experienced together or individually, became an interlaced structure allowing for dwell-time facing different directions, far apart, and at different eye levels.

Multiple dwelling spaces

Built as a lightweight, sculptural form, Levels is there to gain tension in any public area. “We prototyped many different heights, and +Halle sampled eight intertwined sofas, that together, looked alluring. Immediately, people began to use them, by finding pockets inside the grid,” says Form Us With Love’s Creative Director, John Löfgren.

This minimal series of soft wing shapes, resting on two columns, utilise a woven configuration to make multiple dwelling spaces, borrowing from the minimal ideas of fallen logs in the woods, and urban sets of stairs. The system that emerges out of Levels, subsequently, lends itself to a natural, intuitive behaviour.

“Based on the discussions with +Halle and the other studios throughout the briefing process, we investigated the essentials for taking a break. Beginning with the simple bench seat we used repetition to gain complexity and flexibility,” Löfgren explains, “The cross-over is what sparks curiosity and invites anyone to find their own spot to rest and contemplate.”

"...dwelling itself became an important language for the form, and we ended up increasingly wanting to create a serene furniture experience,”
John Löfgren, Co-founder and Creative Director at Form Us With Love

A serene furniture experience

Today’s public environment requires diverse spaces for dwelling, seeking seats that continually reinvent and respond to its users. Together with Nick Ross and MSDS, Form Us With Love was given the task by +Halle to specifically looking at the purpose of taking a break from an increasingly distracting reality. “At first, we thought of ways to resolve the need for individual spaces, but then dwelling itself became an important language for the form, and we ended up increasingly wanting to create a serene furniture experience,” Löfgren continues, “it led us to an exploration of form as opposed to straight-up function, seeking a sensitively stripped down, calming, expression.”

The easily movable system stands as proof of the studio's idea of providing composed freedom of use within a framework. Through +Halle’s qualitative upholstery, different sizes and colours of sofas create an interesting patchwork of levels. “The longest sofa being three meter, we worked significantly with the lines, looking at how the shadow falls, and the light captures the long slope of the wing shape,” says Löfgren.

Working with +Halle through the briefing, collaborating with two other design studios can be both challenging and rewarding, including transparency of process and efforts to support each other with constructive criticism. “The annual briefing on dwelling felt like a team effort or a family that pulled in the same direction, only using different ways. You may read about another designers process on a website, but seeing it happen was both intriguing and productive,” Löfgren smiles.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how the public interacts with the sculptural character of Levels, the element of recreational play is something we want to add to the public setting. From small offices to airports, I hope one sees the potential, to build a layered sofa-dwelling in any area.”

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